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Welcome to the Custom Cedar Wood Fences of Michigan website! Serving all the communities in the Metro Detroit Michigan area and located near Royal Oak and Birmingham Michigan, we set the unparalleled Southeast Michigan quality levels for superior construction standards and workmanship in the design and on-site construction of a broad spectrum of custom Michigan fencing options. Please, feel free to browse a sampling of the testimonials from our delighted Michigan fencing customers. We are both humbled and motivated by the fact that 100% of our Michigan customers for a number of years have rated their satisfaction with us as “delighted”. We focus on low volume high quality offerings (30/50 jobs per year). We are not, nor do we ever intend to be, a high volume producer of lowest cost fences.

We understand that you have many choices when searching for fence companies in Michigan. Once you see the inherent durability and quality features of our fencing products, we are confident you will see the real value in making Custom Cedar Wood Fences of Michigan your company of choice for custom fencing products in Michigan.

We adhere to some basic philosophies in our cedar offerings that assures the meeting and exceeding of customer expectations:

1)      Always build it to last for 30 years, so that we can be confident in offering a FULL 10 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIAL, LABOR AND WORKMANSHIP.

2)      Always develop design offerings that cost-effectively address customer requirements and tastes. Although custom offerings are never the “lowest bid”, the quantifiable minimum standard features that we include on our lowest price custom offerings more than make up for the price differences our customers find with conventional fences. The other difference that’s harder to quantify is that no provider of conventional fencing would ever offer a FULL 10 YEAR WARRANTY. If you’ve started losing fence posts and it hasn’t been 10 years, then you have some idea of the costs that can be incurred.

3)      Always develop designs that are attractive - if we wouldn’t accept it for ourselves, its not good enough for our clients.

4)      Always produce written contracts that clearly spell out the deliverables, assuring that we have arrived at the same vision for the project. Delivering 100% on a design that is not what you were anticipating cannot be a success story.

5)      Maintain internal quality standards that far exceed what customers typically expect.

6)      Treat every job as if it were our own, taking proper precautions to avert any damage or intrusion in the clients unique environment. If accidents occur, we take care of it.




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